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What inContact offers you

With inContact you can keep track of money going in and out of your account for FREE.

  • The inContact service sends you a message via SMS or email each time a transaction is carried out on any of your FNB Channel Islands accounts at no extra charge
  • It also serves as an early warning system for any unauthorised transactions on your accounts

What inContact allows you to do

  • You can keep track of your financial transactions as they occur
  • Identify any unauthorised transactions on your accounts
  • Receive notification each time your Online Banking account is logged into
  • Helps you to manage the funds in your accounts

Flexible - you can choose

  • When to receive your messages - during office hours or 24 hours a day
  • To be notified if any transactions exceed an amount specified by you
  • Which accounts you want to link to inContact


Keep track of your account 24/7

Knowing what is happening in your account at all times has never been easier with inContact messages + you choose when you receive them.

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Know what's going in and out of your account at no cost.

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Manage your funds

Track your transactions as they occur online and offline.

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Receive your notifications on your terms.

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