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Joint Account features

What you will get:

  • Statements
  • inContact to track flow of funds
  • Ability to transact independently on your Current Account and/or Call Account without permission from the other Joint Account holders
  • For a Joint Current Account, each member will have access to their own debit card

It is important that you and the members that would like to participate in the Joint Account become familiar with the Terms and Conditions.

All Joint Account holders are equally liable and responsible for:

  • Any debt incurred on the Joint Account*
  • Payments made to and from the account*

*Subject to terms and conditions

32 Day Notice Account

Access with notice

Available in 3 major currencies, earn competitive interest rates and have the ability to decide when you need access to your savings.

Short notice period

Access your money after
32 days at no cost

Add funds

Add funds at any time

Choose your currency

Available in GBP (£), USD ($) and EUR (€)

It's free

No monthly account fees

Applying made easy

32 Day Notice Account

Qualifying criteria

You need to be 18 years or older

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