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If you are not satisfied with advice given or a service rendered in relation to a particular product, please refer your complaint to the bank and we will attempt to resolve the issue.



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Should you have any queries in relation to your FNBCI accounts, or any other agreements that may be relevant to your relationship with the Bank, you can contact the FNBCI Service Suite on:

+44 148 174 8138 (UK)

087 730 6010 (SA local)

+27 (0)11 369 1500 (SA International)


The Service Suite can also be contacted when you are unhappy with the service provided or where you wish to lodge complaints.

Queries and Complaints


If you're not satisfied with our products, services or any experience as it may pertain to FNB Channel Islands, or wish to lay a complaint, please contact our dedicated Service Suite.

FNB Channel Island Service Suite

The FNB Channel Island Service Suite is available within the following operating hours (UK operating times and public holidays)

Mon - Fri: 06:00 - 17:00

Sat: 06:00 - 12:00

Sunday & South African public holidays: Closed - please email

Contact numbers

SA local: 087 730 6010

SA international: +27 (0)11 369 1500

UK international: +44 148 174 8138

If your complaint is unresolved after 3 months, or you are dissatisfied with our final decision as it relates to your complaint, you can approach the Channel Island Financial Ombudsman (CIFO.)

Please note the CIFO will only review a complaint once we have had the opportunity to do so in the first instance

Details required by the CIFO in order to address your compalaint

First name:
Contact address (including postal code):
Daytime phone:
Evening phone:
Email address:

Attach photocopies or scanned copies of correspondence with your financial services provider, and any other information you consider relevant . If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of someone else, provide your complete contact information as well.

Send the information to CIFO

By e-mail:

Or by mail:

Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO)
P O Box 114
Channel Islands

Refer to the Ombudsman website at , for further details.